Correy D.
HOT Technician

Corey is a technician in our heating oil tank department. He has practiced Jeet Kune Do for 11 years and has been a drummer for 14 years. He is a great motivator and specializes in fitting in small spaces like underground heating oil tanks and crawlspaces.

Barry D.

Barry has been with EcoTech since November 2007 as the Senior Environmental Scientist responsible for regulatory compliance, report preparation, and directing site assessment work at complex sites.  Barry is a veteran of the USAF and graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. degree in Earth Sciences. Barry enjoys photography and was formerly a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Christian S.
Report Writer/Senior Safety Officer

Born and bred in rural Nevada, Christian has been with EcoTech since November of 2014. Initially serving as a Heating Oil Tank Project Assistant, Christian has since transitioned to preparing the bulk of our Decommissioning and Cleanup reports for the DEQ. In his free time Christian is a historical re-enactor who performs in several local renaissance faires. To support this hobby his hands are often occupied with cloth and thread, or leather and stamp as he produces all of his own costuming and equipment.

Neal C.
Radon Mitigation and Seismic Retrofitting Specialist

A member of the EcoTech team since 2004, is one of our primary Radon Mitigation and Seismic Retrofitting Specialists. He hails from the Northwest but has seen many parts of the country through the years. From growing up and attending college in Washington and Montana, working and seeing the sites in Alaska, and a small stint in Minnesota – he is glad to be back in the great Northwest where he can enjoy all the outdoor activities the area has to offer with his family and friends.