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Thanks for everything. I am very impressed with your services. Your staff has been so incredibly friendly and willing to help me understand every step you have taken. If you ever need a reference from someone in the real estate industry, don't hesitate to ask! You guys have been AWESOME from the start. Thanks for everything!”

Michael McCarthy
Service: Heating Oil Tanks

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Above Ground Storage Tank or AST

Above Ground Storage Tank or AST Common Questions   Above Ground Storage Tank or AST, like an Underground Storage Tank (UST), contain heating oil for the purpose of heating homes and buildings. There are specific differences between the two tanks and these are some of the most common questions we are asked regarding ASTs. What […]

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Washington Department of Ecology

State of Washington Department of Ecology The Washington Department of Ecology does not regulate the use or operation of residential heating oil tanks, like the State of Oregon does. However, some local governments may have different requirements or guidelines that may apply to residential storage tanks. Regulations and policies vary from place to place and may […]

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PLIA in Washington State

PLIA Insurance Coverage In 1995 the Washington Legislature added pollution liability coverage for heating oil tanks to PLIAs responsibilities. PLIA in Washington State assists owners of underground storage tanks to provide available and affordable insurance through a state administered reinsurance program. The program was created in response to the rising number of heating oil tank releases and the […]

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Soil Sampling in Washington

Soil Sampling in Washington State Like Oregon, in order to determine if a tank is currently or has previously leaked, an investigative process needs to take place through soil sampling. Again, showcasing the differences between the two states, soil sampling in Washington State separates this function into either a Site Check or a Site Assessment. […]

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